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Student Assembly Update

Read me to check out what your Student Assembly have been voting on this term!

Student Assembly met for their fourth session of the academic year on Thursday March 14th. The role of Student Assembly is to generate healthy debate and create policy that is representative of the entire student body. What is passed in this meeting becomes policy of the Union, and as such the Union will then go on to campaign and lobby for what has been approved in these meetings.  In this meeting, the Vice President for Student Activities, George Wardle, proposed a motion to change the name of the ‘Sports Federation Committee’ to ‘Team Brunel’. In addition, a motion of no confidence against the Community Campaigns Officer, Sohaib Arshad was put forward by Vice President CEDPS, Peri Sherif. 


George outlined his idea for changing the name of the ‘Sports Federation Committee’, citing the 2017 ‘Team Brunel’ Union rebranding for all sports activities on campus. He expressed a desire to extend this rebranding to the Sports Federation Committee, describing the current name as outdated and inconsistent with Brunel’s current branding for sports clubs. Student Assembly voted in favour of this motion so the Union will now use the name ‘Team Brunel Committee’, replacing ‘Sports Federation Committee’ in all bye-laws and future communication with immediate effect. 


During this meeting our Vice President for CEDPS Peri,  also proposed a motion of no confidence against the Community Campaigns Officer, Sohaib Arshad. She argued that he had not successfully ran any campaigns during this academic year, delivered any of his manifesto points and was minimally engaged in his role.  Sohaib refuted this, noting his participation in Diwali and his current campaign to raise money for Ramadan. After a long and heated discussion, Student Assembly ultimately voted against the motion of no confidence. Sohaib Arshad thus retains his position as Community Campaigns Officer for this academic year. This role will however cease to exist from the 2019-20 academic year onwards, as a motion to remove the position passed in the previous January 2019 Student Assembly.  


The Union welcomes this final step in our ‘Team Brunel’ re-branding, and will use the name ‘Team Brunel Committee’ to refer to this committee with immediate effect. The final Student Assembly of the 2018-19 academic year will be in May. If you have a motions you would like to propose please contact: