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Student Rep Elections - Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Rep Elections which closed on Thursday 19th October 2017, 653 votes were cast in these election. The winners are:

Post title

Elected candidate

Arts and Humanities PGR - Rep

Mr Hussain Abdulwahab

Economics & Finance PGR - Rep

Mr Hao Wang

Education  PGR - Rep

Miss Anuradha Dey

Electronic and Computer Engineering PGR - Rep

Mr Babak Hosseininezhad Rahi

Level 0 Engineering - Rep

Miss Deborah Folawe Iyiola

Level 1 Aerospace Engineering - Rep

Mr Sanabil Qureshi

Level 1 Anthropology - Rep

Miss Bethan Williams

Level 1 Arts and Humanities Department - Rep

Miss Monique Jackson

Level 1 Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies - Rep

Miss Sunny Kim

Level 1 Biomedical Sciences - Rep

Miss Amina Sherif

Tahmina Shakil

Level 1 Business and Management - Rep

Mr Edwin Timonen

Olayinka Olasehinde

Level 1 Business School Department - Rep

Mr Nichita Iascenco

Level 1 Civil and Environmental Engineering Department - Rep

Miss Fabiana Fawaz

Level 1 Computer Science - Rep

Mr Shahar Mirza

Ryhan Uddin

Level 1 Computer Sciences Department - Rep

Ryhan Uddin

Level 1 Computer Systems Engineering - Rep

Mr Sk Azmayeen Reshad

Level 1 Digital Design - Rep

Brandi Akpobome

Level 1 Economics - Rep

Mr Hasibullah Faisal

Level 1 Economics and Accounting - Rep

Mr Shivam Pathak

Level 1 Economics and Business Finance - Rep

Miss Shivani Himatlal

Level 1 Economics and Finance Department - Rep

Prabjote Singh

Level 1 Education Department - Rep

Miss Venuse Chitsaz-Dastgerdi

Level 1 Electronic and Computer Engineering Department - Rep

Mr Jason Francis Xavier

Level 1 Environmental Sciences - Rep

Mr Jeffrey Oyinlola

Level 1 Finance and Accounting - Rep

Miss Emanuela Madu

Level 1 Financial Mathematics - Rep

Mr Vishal Singh

Level 1 Flood and Coastal Engineering - Rep

Katherine Edmondson

Level 1 Games Design - Rep

Mr Joel Wylie

Level 1 Industrial Design and Technology - Rep

Mr Barnaby Twine

Level 1 International Business - Rep

Mr Nichita Iascenco

Level 1 Law - Rep

Miss Maya Wawryca

Mr Ha-Lim Bashir

Level 1 Law Department - Rep

Miss Maya Wawryca

Level 1 Law with Criminal Justice - Rep

Miss Sumaya Fattouche

Level 1 Life Sciences Department - Rep

Miss Amina Sherif

Level 1 Mathematics - Rep

Mr Tarik Clavier

Level 1 Mathematics Department - Rep

Miss Tharsika Prabakaran

Level 1 Mathematics with Computer Science - Rep

Mr Aneesh Patel

Level 1 Mechanical Engineering - Rep

Miss Georgina Contreras-Keenan

Level 1 Motorsport Engineering - Rep

Harrison Paice

Level 1 Occupational Therapy - Rep

Samantha Edwards

Miss Benita Skillicorn

Level 1 Politics - Rep

Mr Tauqir Choudhury

Level 1 Politics and Economics - Rep

Miss Forogh Akbari

Level 1 Politics and History - Rep

Miss Niketa Gautam

Level 1 Product Design Engineering - Rep

Miss Alice Mitchell

Level 1 Psychology - Rep

Miss Shakira Saleem

Miss Carrie Facer-Reeves

Level 1 Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences with Physical Education and Youth Sport - Rep

Shaun Klopper

Level 1 Theatre - Rep

Mr Jake Pointer

Level 2 Computer Systems Engineering - Rep

Akash Thayil

Level 2 International Politics - Rep

Miss Oluwanifemi Babalola

Level 2 Law - Rep

Wranga Rehman

Level 2 Law Department - Rep

Miss Lili Morrison

Level 2 Mathematics and Statistics with Management - Rep

Miss Shannon Kelly

Level 2 Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics, Automotive Design or Building Services - Rep

Mr Aashay Shah

Level 2 Physiotherapy - Rep

Miss Karolina Ciulemba

Level 2 Psychology - Rep

Miss Mary-Martin Akioyame

Level 2 Psychology and Sociology - Rep

Miss Sophie Franklin

Level 2 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics - Rep

Mr Perry Randall

Level 3 Anthropology - Rep

Miss Imaan Rizwan-Alvi

Level 3 Aviation Engineering - Rep

Joe Murray

Level 3 Biomedical Sciences - Rep

Farheen Shaikh

Mr Albion Thaqi

Level 3 Business and Management - Rep

Mr Rameez Shiraj

Miss Aisha Mansur-Williams

Level 3 Business and Management (Marketing) - Rep

Ms Maria Bamgbele

Level 3 Civil and Environmental Engineering Department - Rep

Mr Ian Woodcock

Level 3 Civil Engineering - Rep

Mr Ian Woodcock

Level 3 Clinical Sciences Department - Rep

Aiman Karim

Level 3 Computer Systems Engineering (Networks and Software) - Rep

Mr Ghali Moralis

Level 3 Design Department - Rep

A. Prasant S. Rao

Level 3 Electronic and Computer Engineering - Rep

Mr Nivethan Katheeswaran

Level 3 Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Rep

Mr Thanyal Sharif

Level 3 English - Rep

Miss Sophia Chiappa

Level 3 English with Creative Writing - Rep

Miss Katie Morritt

Level 3 Film and Television Studies - Rep

Gelsomina De Lucia

Level 3 Financial Mathematics - Rep

Jessica Morris

Level 3 Industrial Design and Technology - Rep

Marco Marin

Level 3 Mathematics and Statistics with Management - Rep

Mr Irtiza Chowdhury

Level 3 Mathematics Department - Rep

Jessica Morris

Level 3 Motorsport Engineering - Rep

Carlos Hermosin Acasuso

Level 3 Occupational Therapy - Rep

Lisbet Frosdick

Norma Harrington

Level 3 Product Design Engineering - Rep

Katrine Jørgensen

Level 3 Social Work - Rep

Miss Dzifa Atopley

Mathematics PGR - Rep

Arianna Salili

PGT  Electronic and Computer Engineering Department - Rep

Miss Christiana Kellari

PGT Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies - Rep

Miss Malgorzata Bem

PGT Anthropology of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance - Rep

Robert Tuttle

PGT Automotive and Motorsport Engineering - Rep

Matt Gosling

PGT Banking and Finance - Rep

Mr Leslie Chitauro

PGT Biomedical Genetics and Tissue Engineering - Rep

Miss Luana Antonia De Abreu Queiros Osorio

PGT Building Services Engineering - Rep

Andrew Richards

PGT Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy - Rep

Kellesia Ebanks

PGT Business Administration - Rep

Dr Ranjit Rai

PGT Business Finance - Rep

Iram Gul

PGT Business Intelligence and Social Media - Rep

Miss Samreen Nurullah

PGT Business School Department - Rep

Miss Ramsha Siddiqui

PGT Business Systems Intergration and Data Science and Analytics amd Digital Service Design and Information Systems Management - Rep

Mr Usman Khan

PGT Clinical Sciences Department - Rep

Miss Rachel Davis

PGT Computer Sciences Department - Rep

Mr Usman Khan

PGT Design and Branding Strategy - Rep

Ting Hsu

PGT Design Department - Rep

Joshua Scharf

PGT Design Strategy and Innovation - Rep

Ms Vebri Rizcha Carolin

PGT Digital Design and Branding - Rep

Miss Xsara Akpobome

PGT Economics and Finance Department - Rep

Iram Gul

PGT English Literature - Rep

Miss Rebecca O'connor

PGT Finance and Investment - Rep

Mrs Bolaji Saleh

PGT Financial Mathematics - Rep

Miss Samiksha Rana

PGT Global Supply Chain Management - Rep

Miss Urooj Shahid Ansari

PGT Human Resource Management - Rep

Miss Ramsha Siddiqui

PGT Integrated Product Design - Rep

Reza Ali

PGT Intellectual Property Law - Rep

Ms Eleftheria Ledaki

PGT Intelligence and Security Studies - Rep

Mr Robert Holland

PGT International Commercial Law LLM - Rep

Miss Oktavianti Kohana

PGT International Financial Regualtion and Corporate Law LLM - Rep

Mr Falk Raudzus

PGT Law - Rep

Miss Tiffany Tamika Renee Stewart

PGT Life Sciences Department - Rep

Ms Rachel Webster

PGT Management - Rep

Feyisayo Popoola

PGT Marketing - Rep

Mrs Noopur Dharmendrakumar Shah

PGT Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department - Rep

Kellesia Ebanks

PGT Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) First Year - Rep

Miss Rachel Davis

Ms Jillian Siegel

PGT Physiotherapy Year One - Rep

Miss Siobhán Haran

PGT Project and Infrastructure Management - Rep

Mr Kalpesh Purohit

PGT Public Health and Health Promotion - Rep

Pooja Notta

PGT Renewable Energy Engineering - Rep

Mr Amer Abdulkarim

PGT Social Anthropology - Reps

Mr Paul Thung

PGT Social Work - Rep

Miss Rachael Gilder

PGT Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design - Rep

Mr Stepan Jakl

PGT Sustainable Electrical Power - Rep

Mr Muhammad Osama

PGT Water Engineering - Rep

Mr Samuel Alli

The Brunel Business School PGR - Rep

Ms Jaskaran Kaur


The following elections had candidates running but no votes were cast. As such they remain vacant and will be up for bye-election in the near future:

  • Level 1 English with Creative Writing – Rep
  • Level 1 Mechanical and Energy Engineering – Rep
  • Level 2 Economics and Business Finance - Rep
  • Level 2 Mechanical and Energy Engineering - Rep
  • Level 3 Composition - Rep
  • Level 3 Economics and Accounting - Rep
  • Level 3 Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences with Business Studies - Rep
  • PGT Applied Corporate Brand Management - Rep
  • PGT Biomedical, Biomechanics and Bioelectronics Engineering - Rep
  • PGT Computer Communication Networks - Rep
  • PGT PGCE in Primary Education (5-11) with recommendation for QTS – Rep
  • Biosciences PGR - rep