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Student Rep Spotlight - Isabel Park

Do you know who your Course Rep/s are? Do you know what the role of a Course Rep entails?

Do you know who your Course Rep/s are? Do you know what the role of a Course Rep entails? Under the Rep Spotlight this month is Isabel Park, a level 6 Psychology Course Rep who has worked hard to help her fellow psychology students, across all levels, both better understand who their Course Rep/s are and what their Course Rep/s do.    


A Course Rep is an elected student who volunteers to gather feedback and voice it to relevant University Staff. They provide a way for students to communicate their diverse range of opinions and experiences to the staff who deliver their courses, and to make change happen.


It is incredibly important to know who your course rep is. If you know that, you have a point of contact to raise any concerns you may have about your course: this can be particularly helpful if you feel uncomfortable raising an issue directly with members of staff. Further, as your course rep is your voice at the table, representing your cohort at departmental meetings, knowing their identity places you in a better position to hold them to account for their actions or inaction.


Isabel Park, Level 6 Psychology Course Reps, has found that despite emailing her cohort to introduce herself as one of their Course Reps on a number of occasions, many still did not know who their course reps were and indeed, what their roles entailed.  After speaking to some of the Level 4 and Level 5 Psychology Reps, Isabel recognised that this issue went wider than simply her cohort.


To combat the issue, Isabel emailed one of the editors of the recently launched UG Psychology Newsletter (that is sent to every psychology student) with the suggestion of having a section introducing each of the Psychology Course Reps. She said that this would help students understand who their reps were and how they can contact them.


In response, all the UG student reps were invited to be co - editors of the newsletter and were invited to write a short paragraph introducing themselves (and provide a photo) for the December newsletter.


It is Isabel’s hope that this will allow more Psychology students to know who their course reps are and know they are more than welcome to come to them with any course related issues they may have, in the knowledge they will be represented to the department.  


Well done Isabel!


If you are unsure of who your Course Rep/s are, please click here.


If you are a student rep and would like to be in with a chance of your successes being celebrated in the Spotlight, please tell us about them on the Rep Hub Action Log.