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Student Rep Spotlight: Maxine Ng

As a Union we believe the work of Student Reps should be celebrated. One way we do this is through our Student Rep Spotlight where we share the successes of Student Reps with the wider University Community.

In the spotlight this month is Maxine Ng, level 3 biomedical sciences course rep, who worked with her department to spend her department’s National Student Survey (NSS) Prize money in the interests of students.


The NSS is a national survey delivered to third year students (placement, second year undergraduates who undertook a foundation, course transferees and final year under graduates). It is used to highlight student experience, implement enhancements and showcase areas of best practice.


As a reward for obtaining an NSS completion rate of over 60%, the University awarded the department of Life Sciences a £1500 cash prize to be spent on staff and level 3 students.


To find out how her fellow level 3 students in the department wished to spend the money, Maxine launched a consultation via both WhatsApp Chat and online survey. In this consultation, she found out that students wished to see the money be used to pay for something that could be used as a memento of their time at Brunel.


In the end, it was decided that the award money would go towards a providing each Level 3 Life Sciences Student with a customised Departmental hoody (with the final design voted on by students). In order to keep the cost of the hoodies low for students, Maxine liaised with the Union shop and companies authorised to reproduce Brunel's crest in order to negotiate the best price. As a result of this work, the cost of the hoodies was limited to only £5 for students (to cover the remaining costs). 


If you are a student rep and would like to be in with a chance of your successes being celebrated in the Spotlight, please tell us about them on the Rep Hub Action Log.