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Student Rep Spotlight: Ramzeen Mohamed Sakkaf

As a Union we believe the work of Student Reps should be celebrated. One way we do this is through our Student Rep Spotlight where we share the successes of Student Reps with the wider University Community.

In the spotlight this week is Ramzeen Mohamed Sakkaf who has used WhatsApp to great effect in his role as course rep for Level 1 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Finding it hard to engage face to face, Ramzeen created two WhatsApp groups: One featuring everyone on his course and another including all Level 1 Visual Effects & Motion Graphics and Digital Designs Course Reps.

Ramzeen notes that having a WhatsApp group with his course mates has enabled him to more effectively understand their concerns as many students have used the group to get in touch with him about issues they were having on the course. It has also worked the other way, enabling Ramzeen be able to more effectively communicate important information to his course mates. For example, the group enabled him to help make students on his course aware that the study areas in his department (Tower C and the Green Room) were open for 24 hours a day.

The Student Rep WhatsApp group has enabled reps to more effectively share the concerns of their course mates with each other, making it easier to identify problems affecting students across the department.

Ramzeen says that using WhatsApp has come in handy in Student Experience Committee and Board of Studies meetings, as the group provides him (as well as fellow student reps in his department) with written evidence of what students wish to see changed. He notes that such evidence has helped him work with his lecturers to improve the clarity of assignment briefs. 

If you are a student rep and would like to be in with a chance of your successes being celebrated in the Spotlight, please tell us about them on the Rep Hub Action Log.