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Student Rep Spotlight - Vidhi Desai

As a Union, we believe the work of Student Reps should be celebrated. One way we do this is through our Student Rep Spotlight where we share the successes of Student Reps with the wider University Community.


In the spotlight this week is Vidhi Desai, Level 5 Course Rep for Computer Science, who has worked to get the projector in Howell Theatre fixed so students are able to see their lecturer’s PowerPoints.


Vidhi’s cohort has two lectures per week conducted in the Howell Theatre. Given these lectures tend to be highly dependent on PowerPoint, at the beginning of the term, students were naturally frustrated by both the fact the projector was really poor and the lighting in the room was really bright: it meant that it was incredibly difficult to focus on anything that was being displayed. Vidhi notes that this had the consequence of deflating attendance at these lectures as it was a very ‘dull experience’.  


In order to solve this issue, Vidhi took the matter up with her respective module leaders and ensured that this problem was sorted: there are now new projector lamps in the Howell Theatre and the lighting has been fixed!