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Student Spotlight On... Afraaz

There are many things that the University provide that are essential to your course but what happens when they get taken away? Level 3 Mechanical Engineering Course Rep Afraaz Lodhi fought to get back access to essential programmes after they disappeared from University Computers. When the University upgraded their computers to Windows 10, it caused Windows Image Viewer to vanish from the systems. This meant that for any student to open an image they had to use programmes such as Photoshop. Afraaz knew this was not just an issue that affected his course but all the student population at Brunel, so he decided to do something about it.

After a lot of hard lobbying, the University has agreed to install an app that can be used to view and edit images (XnView) on the library computers. This means that students now have a quick and easy way to view images again. Afraaz has decided that the job is not complete till all the computers on campus have this software, and is still continuing to lobby for this.