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Student Spotlight On... Reps!

Each year we elect and train hundreds of students to become Student Representatives. There are many different kinds of Student Representatives: Course, Department, and Postgraduate Research (PGR). They all have the same core role which is to improve the lives of everyone at Brunel. This ranges from ensuring that each class has the best equipment and information, to working on campus wide initiatives such as the Student Led Teaching Awards (STLA’s) and the new late submission policy.

Each of the Student Representatives are volunteers and receive no payment for their amazing work. However, as a Union we work our hardest to say thank you to our wonderful Student Reps. This ranges from giving them great training sessions that boost their skills as well as their CVs, H.E.A.R accreditation, Union awards, Brunel Volunteer hours, and lots of awesome goodies. Another thing we like to do it shout about the great work our reps have achieved. Each week on Wednesday is #studentwinwednesday where we shout out about the brilliant things that our Student Reps have achieved.

Below is just a snapshot of all the things that our Student Reps accomplished in the academic year of 2016/2017. Well done to every one of our Student Reps and we hope that this year we achieve greatness.

Mohammed Khan one of our Reps from Electronic and Computer Engineering had the heart breaking news that one of their lecturers had passed away.  Apart from the obvious upset on the course of this loss, it left many students wondering what was next in their modules and worried about what would happen with assignments. Mohammed worked hard with the department to ensure that students' voices were heard in this difficult time. The module and relating modules were offered assignment deadline extensions, allowing everyone the time they needed.

Afrazz Lodhi a MACE rep noticed that when the computers were upgraded to Windows 10 vital computer software was lost. Although this did not affect Afrazz directly on his course, he knew it would affect others. The result was fantastic and all PC’s with Windows 10 are having the software put back on.

Along with working in partnership with the University to fix problems, our Student Reps work to create new opportunities for Brunel students. Both Alina Andronache (Brunel Business School) and Pauldy Otermans (Psychology) have worked with their respective departments to help run and organise a student conference for PGR students in their department. This opportunity has allowed our PGR students to showcase their hard work and experience presenting at a conference. Both conferences were a massive success and we hope to see more in the future.

These are just some of the many wins from Student Reps, if you're interested in being part of making positive changes on your course check if there are any positions available in our current elections! We've got all Level 1 and PGR rep roles open, as well as select Level 2 and 3 courses.