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Student Spotlight on... Pauldy

This time we are shining a spotlight on a Postgraduate Research Rep.


Pauldy Otermans has done some fantastic work to improve the experience of

Postgraduate Research students in Psychology. This included working with

the department and other Student Reps to hold a College of Clinical and

Health Sciences Postgraduate Research conference. The goal of the

conference was to showcase the Postgraduate Research students' work in the

college. Also, it allowed for the students to improve their presentation

skills before attending external conferences.


Alongside her research and helping organise a conference. Pauldy has been

securing library resources for her department, sorting out printing

facilities and along with her department created an induction for new

research students.


Pauldy, through her hard work and dedication has managed to make a massive

difference to the experience of the students that she represents. Student

Reps make a huge difference to how much students enjoy their time at



Here at the Union of Brunel Students, we are dedicated to making every

programme the best it can be for students. If you are interested in making

changes like Pauldy, please email