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The Results - Club and Society April By-Elections 2019

We've had some of our most successful Club and Society elections to date! Check out this article for more information.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the Club and Society Elections! Whether you nominated yourself as a candidate or you voted. We had over 123 candidates, 4341 votes submitted by 1163 and we had an astonishing turn out in some elections with some seeing as many as 444 individual votes for a single role!


If there is a blank space next to a role, then it may be because there were no candidates running in those elections - If this is the case, then a staff member from the Student Activities team will be in touch shortly to discuss your Club or Society.


To find your result quickly, the list is in Alphabet Order and you can also use Ctrl+F to search for your post quickly.


If you have any questions, then you can email


Committee Role Elected Candidate
ACS - Liaison Officer  
ACS - Liaison Officer  
ACS - Secretary MOHAMED
ACS - Vice Chair  
Afghan - Treasurer  
Ahlulbayt - Treasurer  
American Football - Club Captain  
Applied Technologies - Autonomous Formula Student Chief Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Applied Technologies - Greenpower Drivetrain/Electrical Chief Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Applied Technologies - Greenpower Mechanical Chief Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Applied Technologies - Red Bull Soapbox Chief Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Applied Technologies - Social Secretary  
Archery - Secretary ZAKI SYED
Athletics - Cross Country Captain  
Athletics - Jumps and Throws Festival Coordinator  
Athletics - Kit Rep  
Athletics - RAG Secretary  
Athletics - Secretary FINLAY MARRIOTT
Athletics - Social Secretary I  
Athletics - Social Secretary II  
Badminton - Men's Social Secretary  
Badminton - Secretary PRITESH MILAN SHAH
Badminton - Women's Social Secretary  
Basketball - Social Sec (Men's)  
Basketball - Tour Rep  
Basketball - Web Officer  
Believers Love World - Chair LOURDES PERERA
Bhangra - Chair  
Bhangra - Secretary  
Bhangra - Treasurer  
Boxing - Secretary  
Boxing - Vice-Chair  
Boxing - Web Officer  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Chair  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Secretary  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Treasurer  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Web Officer  
Brunel Film - Chair  
Brunel Film - Secretary  
Brunel Film - Treasurer  
Brunel LINKS First Aid - Fundraising Officer  
Brunel LINKS First Aid - Public Relations Officer EVGENIA MASLOVA
Brunel LINKS First Aid - Social Officer  
Calisthenics - Graphic Design Officer  
Calisthenics - RAG Executive  
Calisthenics - Secretary  
Calisthenics - Vice Chair  
Calisthenics - Web Officer  
Card - Secretary Amal.A.S
Cheerleading - Games Team Captain ISABEL CANIK
Cheerleading - Tour Rep JASMINE PINK
Chinese Christian Fellowship - Chair  
Chinese Christian Fellowship - Secretary  
Chinese Christian Fellowship - Treasurer  
Chinese Christian Fellowship - Web Officer  
Chinese Students & Scholars Association - Treasurer  
Chinese Students & Scholars Association - Web Officer  
Christian Union - Chair KIERAN BETTS
Christian Union - Evangelism Coordinator  
Christian Union - International Student Coordinator  
Christian Union - Prayer and Worship Coordinator KATHERINE HENWOOD
Christian Union - Secretary RYAN FLANAGAN
Christian Union - Treasurer Daniel Petrine
Christian Union - Vice Chair SILKE HEYSE
Christian Union - Web Officer RYAN FLANAGAN
Civil Engineering - CivSoc Representative  
Civil Engineering - Industrial Relations Officer  
Civil Engineering - Sports Secretary  
Civil Engineering - Treasurer  
Civil Engineering - Vice Chair  
Climbing - Club Captain  
Climbing - Gear and Safety Officer  
Climbing - Secretary BENJAMIN WELLS
Climbing - Social Secretary  
Cricket - Secretary  
Cricket - Treasurer  
Cult Film - Chair  
Cult Film - Secretary  
Cult Film - Treasurer  
Cult Film - Web Officer  
Cycling & Triathlon - Chair  
Cycling & Triathlon - Club Captain  
Cycling & Triathlon - Secretary  
Cycling & Triathlon - Treasurer  
Dance - Belly Dance Rep  
Dance - Club Captain  
Dance - Contemporary Rep  
Dance - Hip-Hop Class Rep  
Dance - Jazz Rep FRISK LEE
Dance - Pole Rep  
Dance - RAG Representative  
Dance - Salsa Rep  
Dance - Show Assistant FRISK LEE
Dance - Show Manager FRISK LEE
Dance - Social/Tour Rep  
Dance - Street Dance Rep  
Dance - Tap Rep  
Desi - Desi Week Coordinator  
Desi - Project Sport Coordinator  
Desi - Secretary SIDDEKA SADEK
Desi - Treasurer  
Desi - Vice President Community  
Desi - Vice President Social  
DJ and Music Production - Chair  
DJ and Music Production - Secretary  
DJ and Music Production - Treasurer  
DJ and Music Production - Web Officer  
Drama - Events Officer  
Engineering Brunel - Communications Officer AYESHA WASEEM
Engineering Brunel - Level 1 Rep AYESHA WASEEM
Engineering Brunel - Level 2 Rep  
Engineering Brunel - Level 3 Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Engineering Brunel - Social Secretary  
Engineering Brunel - Sports Officer  
Engineering Brunel - Vice Chair SAIOA HERGUETA MEDINA
Engineering Brunel - Web Officer  
Engineers Without Borders - Chair  
Engineers Without Borders - Secretary  
Engineers Without Borders - Treasurer  
Engineers Without Borders - Vice Chair  
Engineers Without Borders - Web Officer  
Equestrian - Secretary HARRIET BOARDMAN
Equestrian - Vice-Chair  
Esports - Chair  
Esports - Secretary  
Esports - Treasurer  
Esports - Web Officer  
Fencing - RAG Officer  
Fencing - Treasurer STEVEN BOWES
Fencing - Web Officer  
Film Orchestra and Choir - Orchestra Conductor MAX RANDALL
Film Orchestra and Choir - Publicity Officer  
Film Orchestra and Choir - Secretary CHLOE PERRIN
Film Orchestra and Choir - Treasurer MAX RANDALL
Film Orchestra and Choir - Web Officer IVY HU
Football - Kit Manager (Men's) BEN CLARK
Football - RAG Officer (Women's)  
Football - Treasurer MELCHOR PURCHASE
Football - Web Officer (Women's)  
Football - Women's 1st Team Captain  
Football - Women's 2nd Team Captain  
Futsal - Social Secretary  
Ghanaian - Events Officer  
Ghanaian - President  
Ghanaian - Secretary  
Ghanaian - Treasurer  
Ghanaian - Vice President  
Ghanaian - Web Officer  
Handball - Secretary  
Handball - Web Officer  
Hindu - Dance Coordinator KRUPA JANI
Hindu - Meeting Officer& Learning Coordinator DHYANA DESAI
Hindu - Secretary SANJANA DAWAR
Hindu - Sponsorship Officer RAYYAN FEROZEDEAN
History - Department Liason Officer  
History - RAG Officer  
History - Secretary ZOE FARACE
History - Social Secretary  
History - Web Officer  
Hockey - Club Captain AMELIA BETMEAD
Hockey - Kit Officer ANNABEL HUTCHINGS
Hockey - Social Secretary (Men's) HENRY WALSH
Illyrian - President LEART SHABANI
Illyrian - Secretary Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Illyrian - Social Secretary MARIGLER VELA
Illyrian - Treasurer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Illyrian - Vice President Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Illyrian - Web Officer RREZE MUJKU
Indian - Sports Officer ESHNA SIKRI
Indian - Treasurer VIVEK AGARWAL
Indian - Web Officer SANYAM BHARDWAJ(sam)
Innovia: Women in STEM - Academic Liasion BETH GWYER
Innovia: Women in STEM - Coding Courses Officer  
Innovia: Women in STEM - Industrial Liaison GENEVIEVE HEDGES
Innovia: Women in STEM - Vice Chair FRISK LEE
Intersectional Feminism - Chair  
Intersectional Feminism - Inclusion Officer  
Intersectional Feminism - RAG Officer  
Intersectional Feminism - Treasurer  
Intersectional Feminism - Vice Chair  
Intersectional Feminism - Web Officer  
Investment and Trading - Chair  
Investment and Trading - External Officer  
Investment and Trading - Secretary  
Investment and Trading - Social Officer  
Investment and Trading - Treasurer  
Investment and Trading - Vice Chair  
Investment and Trading - Web Officer  
Jewish - Chair  
Jewish - Vice Chair  
Jiu Jitsu - Fundraising Officer  
Jiu Jitsu - Social Secretary  
Jiu Jitsu - Vice-Chair  
Jiu Jitsu - Web Officer  
Judo - Chair  
Judo - Competitions Coordinator  
Judo - Secretary  
Judo - Social Secretary  
Judo - Treasurer  
Judo - Web Officer  
Kairos - Chair Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Kairos - Secretary  
Kairos - Treasurer  
Kairos - Vice Chair  
Kairos - Web Officer  
Kayak - Secretary LUKE WHITTAKER
Kayak - Web Officer  
Kharis on Campus - Web Officer  
Korean - Chair  
Korean - Events Organiser  
Korean - Secretary  
Korean - Treasurer  
Korean - Vice President  
Korean - Web Manager  
Krishna Conciousness - Chair  
Krishna Conciousness - Events and Venue Assistant  
Krishna Conciousness - Refreshment Coordinator  
Krishna Conciousness - Secretary  
Krishna Conciousness - Social Secretary  
Krishna Conciousness - Treasurer  
Krishna Conciousness - Web Officer  
Kung Fu - RAG Officer  
Kung Fu - Social Secretary  
Kung Fu - Web Officer  
Labour - BME Officer  
Labour - Secretary  
Labour - Social Secretary  
Labour - Treasurer  
Labour - Vice Chair (Membership and Events)  
Labour - Web Officer  
Labour - Women's Officer  
Lacrosse - Events Officer SOPHIE BITTON
Lacrosse - Men's Social Sec Victor Cirstet
Law - Events Manager Hafsa Arif
Law - External Communications Officer Chenise Smith
Law - Web Officer Julia Piotrowska
Le Nurb - President  
Le Nurb - Secretary  
Le Nurb - Treasurer  
Le Nurb - Vice President  
LGBTQA+ - Web Officer  
Malayalee - Chair  
Malayalee - Secretary  
Malayalee - Treasurer  
Malaysian - President Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Malaysian - Treasurer  
Malaysian - Web Officer  
Marrow - Recruitment Event Coordinator  
Marrow - Social Secretary/Publicity Officer  
Marrow - Training Officer  
Marrow - Vice Chair  
Marrow - Volunteer Coordinator  
Marrow - Web Officer  
MatureED: Brunel Mature Student Society - Secretary Ashley Nguyen
MatureED: Brunel Mature Student Society - Vice Chair JAMES FARMER
Mixed Martial Arts - Social Secretary IRENE MERKER
Motorsport - Social Secretary  
Motorsport - Web Officer  
Musical Theatre - Chair Rayan Tooke
Musical Theatre - Choreographer Rayan Tooke
Musical Theatre - Producer Rayan Tooke
Musical Theatre - Secretary Rayan Tooke
Musical Theatre - Social Secretary Rayan Tooke
Musical Theatre - Treasurer JOHN FOULSER
Nepali - Secretary  
Nepali - Treasurer  
Nepali - Vice President  
Nepali - Web Officer  
Netball - Kit Representative  
Netball - Social Team Manager  
Netball - Tour Rep  
Nigerian - Social Secretary  
Nigerian - Treasurer  
North African - Creative Director  
Occupational Therapy - Chair  
Occupational Therapy - Secretary  
Occupational Therapy - Treasurer  
Occupational Therapy - Vice Chair  
Occupational Therapy - Web Officer  
Outdoor Group - Secretary and Equipment Officer  
Outdoor Group - Treasurer  
Outdoor Group - Vice-President  
Outdoor Group - Web Officer  
Palestine - Chair  
Palestine - Secretary  
Palestine - Treasurer  
Palestine - Vice Chair  
Palestine - Web Officer  
Physiotherapy - Chair  
Physiotherapy - Treasurer  
Poker - Secretary DANIEL BROOKS
Poker - Treasurer SIMON VISSER
Politics - RAG Officer  
Politics - Social Secretary  
Politics - Treasurer  
Pool - Admin Officer  
Pool - Club Captain SANYAM BHARDWAJ(sam)
Pool - General Manager SANYAM BHARDWAJ(sam)
Pool - Media Secretary  
Pool - Pool Liason  
Pool - Pool Rep SANYAM BHARDWAJ(sam)
Pool - Social Secretary  
Pool - Treasurer  
Pool - Web Officer  
Portuguese - Chair SILVIA ALVES FELIX
Portuguese - Treasurer ANA RITA MARTINHO MARTINS
Portuguese - Vice Chair CONSTANCA FERNANDES
Postgrad Research - Events Coordinator  
Postgrad Research - Secretary  
Postgrad Research - Treasurer  
Postgrad Research - Vice Chair  
Postgrad Research - Web Officer  
Radio Brunel - President Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Radio Brunel - Treasurer  
RAG - Social Secretary  
RAG - Web Officer  
Robotic Engineering - Head of Autonomous Devices and Vehicles  
Robotic Engineering - Head of Fundamentals and Project Management Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Robotic Engineering - Head of Robot Development MAITHA ALHARMOODI
Robotic Engineering - Industry Project Manager Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Robotic Engineering - Lead Electric Vehicle Engineer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Robotic Engineering - Lead Hardware and Technical Support Officer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Roc Soc - Treasurer JOHN FOULSER
Roc Soc - Web Officer  
Rowing - Advertising Executive  
Rowing - Badger (Event Manager)  
Rowing - Men's Vice-Captain  
Rowing - Social Secretary  
Rowing - Vice badger  
Rowing - Vice Chair ELEANOR HOLGATE
Rowing - Vice Commodore LEWIS PERRY
Rowing - Web Officer  
Rowing - Women's Captain ELEANOR HOLGATE
Rowing - Women’s Social Secretary  
Rugby League - Treasurer  
Rugby League - Web Officer  
Russian Speaking - Chair  
Russian Speaking - Secretary  
Russian Speaking - Treasurer  
Russian Speaking - Web Officer  
Sci Fi and Fantasy - Web Officer  
SCUBA Diving - Chair  
SCUBA Diving - Social Secretary  
SCUBA Diving - Trip Secretary  
Sikh - Vice Chair  
Singapore - Events Coordinator  
Singapore - Media Officer  
Singapore - Secretary CUILI XU
Singapore - Vice-President  
Singapore - Web Officer  
Singapore - Welfare Officer  
Skydiving - Chair  
Skydiving - Club Captain  
Skydiving - Secretary  
Skydiving - Social Secretary  
Skydiving - Treasurer  
Skydiving - Web Officer  
Somali - Secretary HODAN ABDI
Somali - Treasurer HANI ALI
Somali - Vice Chair QARIN MALIN
Spanish - Secretary  
Spanish - Social Secretary  
Sports & Recreational Officer  
Sports Federation - Team Brunel Committee  
Squash - Men's Captain HARRY COZENS
Squash - Secretary LOLA MOORE
Squash - Social Secretary  
Sri Lankan - Events Coordinator  
Sri Lankan - Secretary  
Sri Lankan - Sports Coordinator  
Sri Lankan - Vice Chair  
Sri Lankan - Web Officer  
Table Tennis - Chair RYAN AMEY
Table Tennis - Secretary VLAD-DUMITRU TIPU
Table Tennis - Social Secretary  
Table Tennis - Treasurer Mohammed Qasim Hussain
Table Tennis - Web Officer  
Tae-Kwon Do - Chair  
Tae-Kwon Do - Equipment Officer  
Tae-Kwon Do - RAG  
Tae-Kwon Do - Social Secretary  
Tae-Kwon Do - Web Officer  
Tamil - Dance Choreographer  
Tamil - Events Coordinator  
Tamil - Web Officer  
Target Shooting - Union Liaison Officer  
Target Shooting - Vice Chair  
Target Shooting - Web Officer  
Tech - R.A.G. Officer  
Tennis - Kit Officer  
Tennis - Secretary  
Tennis - Web Officer  
The Rock Foundation - Chair  
The Rock Foundation - Secretary  
The Rock Foundation - Treasurer  
The Rock Foundation - Vice Chair  
The Rock Foundation - Web Officer  
Turkish - Chair  
Turkish - Secretary  
Turkish - Treasurer  
Turkish - Vice Chair  
Ultimate Frisbee - Chair KATIE LIGHT
Ultimate Frisbee - RAG/Kit Officer ZAK BENNETTS
Ultimate Frisbee - Secretary Vicky Poizer
Unicef on Campus - Chair  
Unicef on Campus - Secretary  
Unmanned Aerial System - Secretary Thomas Hulatt
Unmanned Aerial System - Social Secretary  
Unmanned Aerial System - Treasurer SHO WRIGHT
Unmanned Aerial System - Web Officer  
Vegan and Vegetarian - Chair  
Vegan and Vegetarian - Treasurer  
Vegan and Vegetarian - Vice Chair  
Volleyball - Treasurer LOLA MOORE
Volleyball - Web Officer EMILY PIPER
Weightlifting - Powerlifting Secretary  
Weightlifting - Social Secretary BROOKE GRAHAM
Weightlifting - Treasurer EMMANUELLA ILUNGA
West Indian - Educational Officer HOWARD CASSELLS
West Indian - Events Officer ANGELIQUE MCGILLIVARY
West Indian - Media Officer REANE HARRIS-BREEDY
West Indian - Secretary SARA GORDON
West Indian - Treasurer MESHACH PRASS
West Indian - Web Officer  
Wheelchair Basketball - Fundraising Officer GRAEME COLLINS
Wheelchair Basketball - Treasurer GRAEME COLLINS
Wheelchair Basketball - Web Officer LAURA ALBONE
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - London Wildlife Trust (LWT) Officer  
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - Project Coordinator  
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - Secretary IRENE MERKER
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - Social Secretary  
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation - Treasurer JACK MARSHALL
Zombie - Chair  
Zombie - Secretary  
Zombie - Social Secretary  
Zombie - Treasurer  
Zombie - Web Officer