The Road To Liberation: Trans Student Policy

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Today was the launch of the first Trans Student Policy at Brunel University. You might not be aware of what trans students face at Brunel, and on campuses across the UK and the world, but today marks a new beginning for true liberation.

It was created in partnership with our LGBT+ Students, University Staff and our LGBT+ Officer, Finn Grice.

The policy, which will be released by Brunel University shortly, focuses on ensured that students who have indicated that they wish to live in a gender other than their sex at birth, are protected, supported and represented across all levels of the University.

In respects the confidentiality of it's students, and that transition can be a sensitive time. It works to enforce work around Students changing their name or gender on official University documents and records, to remove a culture of discrimination and harrasment and to ensure that a level of Trans Respect Training is provided to both members of staff and students.

Brunel University and the Union of Brunel Students wants to create a campus where "transgender and non-binary students are treated with dignity and respect in the gender in which they choose to present themselves"

Finn said at the event that "I think this is a really positive step for LGBT generally, but trans specifically, liberation on campus given the current enviroment for students. It's really positive that Student Welfare staff are implementing this policy"

If you have any questions about the policy, or are interested in LGBT+ Liberation at Brunel then you can email Henrietta Spalding or Finn Grice.


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