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The Student Rep Awards 2021

The Results are now in! We are delighted to be able to now announce the results of the Student Rep Awards 2020-21.

This year, we had over 200 nominations from both Staff and Students. and very much enjoyed reading through every one of them. We were proud to hear all of the fantastic things that Reps have done this year, especially given the challenges that they and other students have faced.

The results are as follows:



Newcomer Rep of the Year: Hanna Hoch

Newcomer Rep of the Year looks to celebrate newly elected Reps who effectively utilise feedback from their cohort, keep students updated on important discussions in their Department, and make an impact for those they represent.


As a Representative for Msc Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design Hanna Hoch has been incredibly active Rep, both inside her Departments and engaging with the Student’s Union.


In their nomination, one member of staff said “her collegiate and helpful manner in the Student Experience Committee and Board of Studies (relaxed, yet reassured) has been significant in fostering a culture of mutual respect and action needed to ensure that our programmes continue to deliver what students need”.



Returner Rep of the Year: Kader Kilinc

Returner Rep of the Year looks to celebrate returning Reps who effectively utilise feedback from their cohort, keep students updated on important discussions in their Department, and make an impact for those they represent.


After being the Education Department Rep for the 2019-20 academic year, Kader Kilinc continued representing students this academic year as the Course Rep for Level 6 Education.


Kader received a significant number of high-quality nominations from both Staff and students in her Department. She is described by fellow students as “excellent”, “passionate”, “organised”, “helpful” and “warm”. Furthermore, one staff member expressed how “she always supports students and enables them to raise their voices in a constructive and supportive environment”.



Innovator of the Year: Olaya Martinez

Innovator of the year looks to celebrate our innovative Reps, especially those who have been both creative and effective. This could be through utilising innovative methods of collecting feedback or by coming up with creative solutions to the problems students face.


A second-year master’s Occupational Therapy Student, Olaya Martinez’s dedication and willingness to take the initiative is second to none.


A significant innovation of Olaya’s during this year has been the creation of a new bi-weekly drop-in wellbeing meeting. This has enabled students to be able to support each other more effectively through difficult times, building community in the process.



Equality and Diversity Award: Keyana Washington

Our Equality and Diversity Award works to bring attention to the fantastic efforts our Reps make to make their courses more inclusive places. This may be by working to ensure that lecturers speak with their cameras on so deaf students can lip read, or by promoting a more ‘decolonised’ curriculum


Working alongside Olaya as a second-year master’s Occupational Therapy Student, Keyana Washington has excelled at making her course more inclusive. She has received numerous quality comments from both staff and students which have each highlighted the range of work she has done to make Brunel’s Occupational Therapy offering more inclusive: from co-founding the cultural journal club; organising a BAME Occupational Therapy Conference; and serving as the diversity chair of Brunel’s Occupational Society.



Doctoral Researcher Rep of the year: Jake Gifford

Doctoral Researcher Rep of the Year looks to celebrate PhD students who effectively gather feedback from Doctoral Researchers in their Department, then utilise the information to bring about improvements.


A part-time Doctoral Researcher with a full-time job, Jake Gifford has still found time to be a dedicated Doctoral Researcher Rep, co-chairing his Student Experience Committee and taking time to actively feedback to fellow Doctoral Researchers in his Department (Sport, Health, and Exercise Sciences).


This year, Jake has helped bring about revisions to the Doctoral Researcher CHMLS training programme and has helped organise the highly commended CHMLS PGR Conference.



Department of the Year: Environmental Sciences

Department of the Year award seeks to reward a Department (or Division) that has consistently valued the views of Reps. Only Reps were eligible to nominate for this award.


Within the Environmental Sciences Division, “staff [have] always addressed the concerns and questions of the Reps, answering what they could and delegating to other staff when necessary to find a solution”. Reps have always been kept in the loop about important information and always receive multiple email notices prior to meetings “ranging from a month to the week before and day of”.



Thank you to everyone who sent in a nomination for these awards and well done, once again, to those who won!


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