News Article

The Sun Is Shining!

As the weather continues to improve and students come back to campus, we wanted to share this short message!

The Sun is Shining, Elections are over, and some students are returning to campus – Happy days!


With some practical courses resuming and the sun shining today - it is certainly a moment to be optimistic as we look forward to campus coming back to something called “normal” very soon.


We do want to remind everyone however that although some students are returning, social distancing rules still apply. Whilst the weather is like this, it is very easy to assume things have returned to normal.


The outdoor rules have been lifted slightly to mean you can meet with your household, your support bubble, or one other person. We continue to work with our campus security, health and safety, hygiene and policing teams on campus to vigorously ensure that the campus is safe for everyone indoors and out.


We have heard stories of students gathering outside and indoors on campus and receiving significant fines under the covid restriction laws. We understand the urge for students to meet, but we all need to wait a little longer. Everyone needs to follow the law and protect all campus users including those who are clinically vulnerable.


We would like in particular to remind all those who have participated in our elections to not celebrate in groups on or off campus, but to restrict those congratulations and celebrations to online activity. Please remember that you put yourselves up as potential leaders of our community and hope that you all understand the positive role modelling you can be part of, as we increase numbers of students on campus and restrictions are lifted.


We will all get the opportunity later in the year to celebrate together in a much more relaxed environment and we all look forward to that immensely. Until then, keep it online, follow the guidance and keep positive - the Summer will be here quicker than you think!