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The Union Spring Elections 2019 - The Results

Months of thinking, weeks of campaigning, days of voting. Today we announce the results.

We'd like to thank all the candidates this year in campaigning during the Spring Elections and we'd like to thank everyone who voted! At the end of voting, we had 2787 individual voters taking part, our second highest vote count in the last four years. The winners will lead our Union for the Academic Year 2019-20.


President - Ranjeet Rathore

Vice President CHLS - Sam Johnson (SJ)

Vice President CBASS - Awais Khan

Vice President CEDPS - Peri Sherif

Vice President Student Activities - George Wardle

Chair of Student Assembly - Yetunde King

EU Students Officers - Maria Pedro Valada

International Students - Anvitha Parachuri

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer - Jemmar Samuels

Disabled Student Officer - Sean Cullen

LGBT+ Officer - Cayla Martin

Women's Officer - Noor Ul Ain Akram

Assembly Rep for LBIC - Hrithik Ahuja