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Union Commits to Support for Young Carer Students

What happened at the last Student Assembly meeting?

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Student Assembly met for their second session of the academic year on Thursday 28th November 2019. The role of Student Assembly is to generate healthy debate and ultimately create policy that is representative of the entire student body. What is passed in this meeting becomes policy of the Union, and as such the Union will then go on to campaign and lobby for what has been approved. In this meeting, Union President Ranjeet Rathore proposed a motion to improve support and advocacy for Young Carers at Brunel. As underrepresented students and a hidden minority on campus, this policy will create a deliverable mandate for the Union to advocate on behalf of students with caring responsibilities. 


Ranjeet first provided a definition of Young Carers, as anyone aged 14-25 who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. He highlighted the unique challenges that Young Carers face whilst studying, and stated that as a result – they are four times for likely to drop out of University, as compared to the mainstream student population. Currently, there is no requirement for Brunel to offer tailored support to Young Carers. This motion, Ranjeet noted, would allow the Union to approach the Widening Participation team, mandating the implementation of good practice contained in the Carers Trust university toolkit. He then explained how this motion would also cue the evaluation and improvement of relevant University policies, enhancing provisions and support for Young Carers. This motion passed by a unanimous majority, and will thus be campaigned on by the executive team. 


A motion to put seat padding in all lecture theatre rooms across the Lecture Centre was also successful. This was proposed by Student Assembly Community Member, Aliasger Bharmal and will allow the Union to campaign for and lobby the University to upgrade all seating in the Lecture Centre, ensuring greater comfort for students whilst studying. Another motion proposed by Ranjeet was passed, and this was for the Union to Lobby Brunel University to Divest by 2020. The objective of this policy will be to demand the University immediately, completely, and permanently divests from all fossil fuel companies. The final motion to pass in this meeting was to lobby Brunel to improve water fountain provision on campus. Supplementary election regulations for the Spring 2020 Elections were also approved, with changes to campaigning behaviour and resources. 


The next Student Assembly of the 2018-19 academic year will be on Thursday 30th of January 2020. If you have a motions you would like to propose please contact:


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