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Union Commits to new Ethics and Environmental Policies

Our last Student Assembly on the 30th of January saw big change for the Union.

Student Assembly met for their third session of the academic year on Thursday 30th January 2020. The role of Student Assembly is to generate healthy debate and ultimately create policy that is representative of the entire student body. What is passed in this meeting becomes policy of the Union, and as such the Union will then go on to campaign and lobby for what has been approved.  In this meeting, President Ranjeet Rathore successfully proposed a motion to approve new Ethics and Environmental Policies for the Union.  


Ranjeet first outlined the mandate for creating these new policies, citing the fact that the Union’s existing relevant policies were written in 2010. He underlined the extent to which science and technology has evolved in this time, and how it is thus essential that our polices reflect our current global landscape. Notably, these new policies recognise climate change as a global emergency, set clear annual objectives and report on the Union’s environmental impact annually. There will also be an environmental working group set up with relevant staff and officers, to support activity and campaigning around sustainability and green initiatives. The Union has subsequently committed to the creation of a sustainable community with a low carbon footprint, both on and off campus. Consequently, the Union will aim to minimise these by continually improving their practices and reducing their environmental impact. With regards to ethical policy, the Union recognises their responsibility to take the lead on challenging unethical practices, and ensuring they champion ethical organisations and suppliers. This motion passed by a unanimous majority, and is now actionable policy.


A motion to lobby the accommodation team to extend hall contracts for postgraduate students also passed. Student Kareem Ali highlighted the situation for Postgraduate students who must both secure further accommodation and move, all whilst completing their critically important final year projects. Another motion motion passed, concerning the introduction of reusable cups for all social events on campus. Two other motions were discussed and later referred to the Executive Committee for improvements. This included a motion concerning period poverty and one in relation to the management of lockers in the Bannerman Centre. These will be refined and submitted to Student Assembly at our next meeting for further debate and decision making. 


The next Student Assembly of the 2019-20 academic year will be on Thursday March 19th at 5:30pm in Venue, The Hamilton Centre. If you have any motions you would like to propose, please contact: