Union supports solidarity with Hong Kong students

Student Assembly met for their first session of the academic year on Thursday 31st October 2019. The role of Student Assembly is to generate healthy debate and ultimately create policy that is representative of the entire student body. What is passed in this meeting becomes policy of the Union, and as such the Union will then go on to campaign and lobby for what has been approved.  In this meeting, Brunel student Chan Long Him proposed a motion to set up a Lennon Wall on campus - a symbol of freedom of speech and non-violent resistance - in solidarity with Brunel students from Hong Kong.


Chan Long Him passionately outlined the rationale for his motion, citing the rise of police violence against peaceful protesters and oppression of advocates for democracy in Hong Kong. In support, Brunel student Lin Ka Tsung provided a unique insight into the situation. He compellingly described his experiences as a first aider in Hong Kong, delivering lifesaving services under tear gas and shots. The requested Lennon Wall would perform as a physical space of advocacy for Hong Kong protesters, demonstrating against increasing encroachments on individual freedoms. Chan Long Him explained that the concept had been adopted by many Western Universities, and that its installation would have significant meaning to the 150 students at Brunel from Hong Kong. The motion was ultimately well-received by Student Assembly and passed by an overwhelming majority. The proposed space will present factual news on the issue and provide resources for students to create messages of solidarity.


In the meeting, President Ranjeet Rathore also proposed a motion to lobby Brunel University London to declare Climate Change as an Emergency. He described the severity of Climate Change as an environmental threat and the level of action required from Brunel as an adequate response to it. In support, Disability Officer Sean Cullen talked through practical objectives for lobbying, including a re-evaluation of Brunel’s 2020 sustainability goals, the promotion of action-orientated climate research and carbon neutrality. This passed, along with another motion to reduce inconvenience in halls of residence, proposed by Student Assembly Community Member Jack Moss. The latter will mandate the Union to liaise with the Residence team, in relation to extending notice for maintenance works in halls.


The next Student Assembly of the 2018-19 academic year will be on Thursday 29th of November. If you have a motion you would like to propose please contact: studentvoice@brunel.ac.uk     


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