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Union to lobby Brunel for plagiarism checker

The stance comes following the Union's Annual General Meeting

On February 22nd, at their Annual General Meeting, students mandated the Union of Brunel Students to lobby the university to provide a plagiarism checker tool on wiseflow for students.  


Over the pandemic, the number of plagiarism and other academic misconduct cases has increased, as has the time they take to get resolved. This has had knock on effects on student’s mental health and caused visa issues for international students.  


The motion, put forward Archan Raval, the Union’s Vice President for the College of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences, sought to reduce the number of cases coming to the University by offering students software to check plagiarism before they hand in their work. It highlighted other Universities offer tools such as Turnitin which allows students to check for plagiarism then adjust where necessary.    


After rigorous debate the motion passed with 58.73% of the vote.  


On the passing of the motion, Archan commented:


A plagiarism tool on Wiseflow will help the university reduce the large number of academic misconducts which is currently crippling many students with long waiting times to resolve cases. By reducing academic misconduct cases, it helps students to create a better opportunities for themselves whilst helping maintain good mental health. I am glad students have voted to support this motion”. 


The Union will now go on to implement the policy.