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Wednesday Win: Occupational Therapy Student Reps

This week, we can announce that Occupational Therapy will be trialling the opportunity for Students to choose a preferred area of practice for their last placement. This was achieved by Student Reps on the course, most notably Robert Molloy and Jenny Hong which are our Wednesday Wins of the Week!

Robert and Jenny asked students for their feedback on the course, and one specific theme that came out from that was a desire to choose or give a preference for their last placement. These Student Reps then took these views and provided a report to the University with the recommendation to give students this opportunity which the University agreed with.

Whilst this change may not affect all Students at Brunel, this Wednesday Win is a great example of the work that Student Reps can have on the experience of Students at Brunel which we are very proud of.

If you would like to be a Student Rep in the future or have another story of Student Reps improving your experience at Brunel then send us an email at