Wellbeing Advocate Comes to Brunel

We here at the Union are super excited to announce the introduction of our Wellbeing Advocate Riann! Riann comes from the company Advent Advocacy, who work closely with various universities to provice an advocacy service that's free and accessible for all students. Advent Advocacy are dedicated to empowering students and working with you guys to help represent your views, needs and wishes, as well as working alongside the student population to help carve out pathways for students to access mental health srvices. These guys are working closely with our Advice and Representation Centre to provide you, the students, with the services that matter most. 

Riann will be on campus every Thursday in the Atrium from 11am - 4pm for anyone who wants a little chat! She's super friendly and is here to create a link between the often complex and intiidating pathways to gaining mental health assistance. If you have any concerns, be they generally life related, or even uni related, feel free to come and chat to her!