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We're Changing The Game: Free Sports Club Membership!

In one of the most exciting changes for sports and exercise at Brunel in recent memory, today we can announce that membership to all Sports and Exercise clubs will be free in the next academic year 2017-18. With a real drive and ambitious vision from the University and the Union to improve the health and wellbeing of students on campus; sports clubs will become the most accessible they have ever been. With one of the biggest investments into sport, which will be capped at £200,000, we are committed to enhancing and broadening opportunities for participation in physical activity at all levels and maximising student ownership of Team Brunel.

We will also be looking at re-introducing and revitalising the option of social sports to our members. This will see increased activity for students and staff members who may wish to participate in non traditional activity which include fitness and non competitive physical activity.  This program also extends to all of our societies; who will now have set resources for participation in any physical wellbeing activities.

“Sports clubs and the activities they provide to students bring an incredible vibrancy to our campus. For so many of our members our sporting activity is pivotal to their student experience. We are delighted to be able to make our programme of activity accessible to everyone on campus. This exciting news will undoubtedly make Brunel a more active and healthier campus.”

Ali Milani and Michael Darlow
President and Vice President 

Union of Brunel Students