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West London Varsity 2019 - We Won!

The Trophy has come back to Brunel

We started writing this article before the final results came in because we were confident that the hard work and dedication from every club and every member at Varsity 2019 would come together to reward us with a win at Home. For those that don't know, the West London Varsity is the annual tournament between the clubs here at Brunel and our rivals at St. Mary's Student Union.


George Wardle, Vice President for Student Activities said "Today, we played St. Mary's in 35 fixtures. We excelled across all of our sports and represented everything that we love about Team Brunel. I'm exceptionally proud of this win because of the way we won - with passion, with respect and with integrity. I'm looking forward to another year of being your Vice President Student Activities and going back to St. Mary's in 2020 to keep the trophy in Uxbridge. From all of us here at the Union, well done."


We'd like to thank everyone involved in Varsity this year, including our students, volunteers and staff who have been working on this event for months, the students and staff at St. Mary's Student Union, Brunel University Staff and our sponsor RedBull.


We're looking forward to Varsity 2020 where we'll go back to the St. Mary's Campus to win away! Stay tuned to all our Social Media for more from Team Brunel!