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What happened at the Annual Union Meeting?

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The Annual Union Meeting on Tuesday 6th December debated and approve a new Student Charter, along with creating policy on Zero Tolerance to substance abuse.

What is the Annual Union Meeting?

This is your opportunity to hear directly from your elected officers in their capacity as trustees and ask them questions. This is your chance to hold the Union to account to make sure that we are properly representing you! You'll also be able to see how much money the union makes and where it spends its money, as well as where the Union affiliates too. Union Meetings have the power to override the decisions of Student Assembly or the Officers, call a Referendum, and set out new Union policies. Every student should attend, every student can participate and EVERY student can vote!

Student Charter

The Brunel Student Charter summarises the way that the University, our students and the Union of Brunel Students work in partnership to develop a high quality educational experience. This is done by generating employable and community aware graduates who are responsible for themselves as learners and individuals. This new version of the Charter is designed to be more student friendly.

Zero Tolerance to substance abuse

This policy mandates the union as a whole to launch a collective drug awareness campaign aimed at all students in order to best tackle to problem of substance abuse. The campaign will focus not only on raising awareness on drugs but all illegal substances that are hazardous, along with signposting individuals who may be struggling, to the appropriate services and charities.  

The minutes for the full meeting will be available on the 13th December 2017 - Here


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