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Your Chance to Change Brunel

(and possibly get paid to do it!)


It’s Been Tough


This year has been one of the most challenging years Brunel students and staff have faced in living memory. Covid19 has upended usual university practice, forcing students out of the classroom and into precarious and damaging situations. Students have found themselves unable to work to support themselves, isolated from friends and family, and missing huge parts of the traditional university experience.

This has led to a surge in mental health problems among students, with mind reporting that 73% of students mental health declined during the lockdown and the Guardian reporting that students physical wellbeing, their sleep and their relationships were all also suffering.


Things Need to Change


Students have been very clear that they aren’t happy about a lot of what has gone on. Students around the country have been protesting about the level of support provided by the Government, Universities and even their Students’ Unions. Whether they feel rents should be reduced, more mental health support provided or people in positions of leadership held to account, students are starting to make their voices heard.

This has lead to big wins at Brunel and elsewhere with rent freezes announced, A no detriment policy agreed, and the government offering another £50 million in support for students.  But students want to see more and are demanding Universities commit to real change.


There’s a real opportunity for students.


Student most powerful tool to make a change and impact the university is their Students’ Union. The Students’ Union has a seat at the table for huge numbers of the decisions Universities make and is there to ensure that the University is held to account for the choices it makes and keeps students at the forefront of its decisions. Union of Brunel Students also provides resources, space, and support for students to organise and engage with one another, either socially, through societies and venues (when they’re open!), or politically through the democratic structures.

If you want to change the way the university or the student’s union is run, be involved in the big decisions that impact students and potentially land yourself a job for a year, then you should consider running to be an elected officer.


Find out more and nominate yourself!


The Union has a whole range of paid and voluntary positions that you could run for to make a difference. Whether representing CBASS students, chairing student assembly or standing up for the environment there’s lots of ways to get involved. To find out more about these positions check out the roles page on the elections section of the website. There’s loads of information there about the different opportunities and the process for getting elected. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to discover your chance to change Brunel!



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