The climate emergency movement has reached it's tipping point, so it's now or never

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FINALLY! The University has joined our fight in saving our planet and declared "Climate Change as an Emergency"


Our Union President Ranjeet Rathore put forward the motion to the first “student assembly” to “Declare Climate Change as an Emergency from the University Side”. Which outlined Union's plans to achieve it's green impact and sustainability strategy. Also, the motion mandated the union to lobby the union to take the fight forward and ask the university to declare climate emergency.  


Our students are already behind this and there is amply support from the student body but this motion solidified the work which we need to do and do it as soon as possible. “As we have just got one planet, and do not have planet B”. 


Last week the university senior management after having had many consultations decided to declare climate emergency on Friday


We as the Union of Brunel Students are really happy and with open arms welcome this decision. This is the first step in the right direction but all of us needs to come together and tackle this climate crisis. Weather it is by adapting sustainable practises or by encouraging others to change their behaviour to do our bits to save our environment.