Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to our brand new site!

Key features

Easier navigation
You told us that our old site was hard to navigate. We've tried really hard to keep this one as simple as we can. Hopefully you'll also find the content a lot more exciting and easy to read. 

Integrated login, coming in August
Very soon, you'll be able to login to our website using your University network ID and password. Hopefully, this will mean no more forgotten usernames or lost passwords. If you're a current student, there's no need to register for an account, we'll make one automatically for you. For everyone else, you'll be able to register on the site in August, where you'll then be able to identify yourself as either staff, alumni or a guest.

Pre-arrival accounts, coming in August
If you're a new student due to join us this year, we'll be letting your register on the site from August. This will allow you to buy your event tickets and join our clubs and societies before you get here.

All of your membership and purchases, in one place
With your new account, you'll be able to see a new record of your memberships and purchases with us. 

Try it on your mobile, we dare you
Our old website wasn't very mobile friendly, making it really challenging to find the information you needed on the go. This site should be fully working on mobile and tablet devices, meaning you'll have access to every aspect of the site from your phone (even ticket purchases).


We wanted to make sure you're not worried by these changes, so we've tried to answer some of these concerns below.

I want to buy a Sports Federation card for the summer, what do I do?
Easy, all you need to do is pop in and see us at the main Union reception (next to Loco's), or Student Activiites (on the concourse) and we can sort it out for you! 

I want to buy a ticket or membersip, help!
Bear with us, we won't be launching ticket or membership sales until August.

I'm graduating this year, will I still get an account?
Only students due to be returning in 2013/14 will get an account automatically created on our new website. If you're leaving, you're welcome to register for an account in August. 

I've got another question, who do I ask?
As always, our reception team are happy to answer any questions. However, if you're question is specifically about our website, just drop an email to our Communciations Team.


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