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About Us

Celebrating and exploring music of all kinds - A society at Brunel University for all music lovers with the aim of inciting music discovery and discussion, all while meeting and making freinds!

Record Club is a society for music lovers of every kind. We meet every Thursday at 7PM, with a featured album to listen to and discuss each week, often chosen by one of you, our members! We are open to everything and would love to hear what music you would share. Meetings also include other music-related discussions on subjects like news about musicians, the industry and genres, though you don't need to be a music-nut to join in, we always talk about almost everything and anything that interests us.

We also review each album and give a rating of it; these ratings are added up and by the end of the year we see who had the best album and maybe they even get a present of some description.

See all our album ratings for this year so far!!

After an album we almost always go to the pub and socialise, get to know each other and make friends. This society has a real community which we want to preserve and you to be a part of, and we relate over things other than music, creating bonds that extend past just record club.

In addition to meetings, we hold regular socials such as outings to certain music-related events on campus and out, as well as gig trips. This year we plan to put on more socials, gigs and any other suggestions on activities you may have! Updates are posted regularly on our Instagram (@brunel_record_society) - which you can also contact us through. Society membership is free, and open to all Brunel students and staff!