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About Us

Welcome to the Brunel Corporate Finance Society! 

We aim to be the central hub for all students interested in corporate finance here on campus! 

Our Objectives

  • To keep students informed on companies and opportunities available in the world of finance.
  • Ensure that students are well aware of what is needed to get an offer with a compan via workshops etc. 
  • To provide students with a place to network with like-minded peers who share a similar interest in going into the finance sector.

We aim to run a multitude of activities across the coming months. These include - 

  • CV and Cover Letter workshops.

  • Interview Prep.

  • Invite External Speakers to connect you with high achieving peers from a variety of companies, to provide you with more insight into your dream role specifically. 

  • Socials - Provide you with a place to network with like-minded students on campus. 

Our membership is a onetime fee of £4 and we welcome all students who are interested in pursuing a career in Corporate Finance. Wondering whether or not you'd be a good fit? Come along! We're excited to meet you!

Feel free to contact us at