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About Us

Brunel Cult Film Society is a film society devoted to watching and discussing the obscure, weird and wonderful gems of cult cinema.


We're a community of film buffs who meet up for weekly screenings and socials. We screen cult classics ranging from more well-known films such as The Room, Eraserhead and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to offbeat, weird and downright bizarre offerings that you certainly won't ever forget.

Be sure to stick around after the films for a trip down the pub, and be sure to stay tuned for events like all-nighters, cinema trips (including to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square) and more!

Our university has a special tie to cult cinema, as the famous 'Ludovico Treatment' scene from Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' was filmed in one of our lecture rooms, where we will be screening the film at some point during Fresher's Week.