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BUEC offers horse discounted riding lessons and other equestrian activities to riders of all abilities.

Brunel University Equestrian Club (BUEC) ride at Snowball Farm Equestrian Centre in Burnham, a British Horse Society approved riding school with fantastic facilities including indoor and outdoor schools, a cross country course and excellent hacking as well as friendly, qualified instructors.


We are a friendly, supportive club and we are always open to new members of all abilities. Whether you’re an experienced eventer, happy hacker, or a total beginner, we would love to have you on-board. Unfortunately the stables do not allow anybody above 80 kg/12.6 stone/12 stone, 8.4 lb to ride with them due to weight restrictions on the horses please bare this in mind before signing up.


If you’d like to contact us with any questions you may have, please just get in contact via Instagram (@brunelequine) or message us via Instagram to be added to our WhatsApp group and any of our members or committee will be happy to help.


  • We are open to riders of all abilities - from the total beginner to the advanced rider
  • You can fit your riding around your budget - we get discounted lessons, and you don't have to ride every week
  • Despite what some say, it is a sport! Give your whole body a workout and increase your core strength and flexibility
  • It's great for your mind - take your mind off your studies and focus on something completely different for a while
  • We're a great bunch of people from all different backgrounds



We ride once a week, on Friday afternoons at 2pm (beginners/novices) and 3pm (intermediate/advanced). Lessons cost £33 per student for a one-hour group lesson with 4-6 riders. This is paid to the treasurer in advance of our lesson, once the list of names is published on the group chat. Nobody is obliged to ride every week, but the more you ride, the quicker you will improve! We meet outside the IAC at 1pm to travel together to Snowball farm Equestrian Centre. 



To ride with us you must already have purchased a Brunel standard sport membership which costs £40 and can be purchased via the link on the right, along with the free equestrian membership. Once this has been obtained you can sign up via our Instagram story ONLY which is released every Friday at 8am, NOT VIA PLAYWAZE. Spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to riding, if you cancel any later you will not be refunded. Once you have signed up one of the committee will contact you via WhatsApp message to ask for the answers to complete the rider registration form - This has to be completed by 2pm Monday at the very latest.  



Bring money for refreshments or bring your own. Please wear comfortable hugging clothing, nothing that will rub (No jeans, baggy trousers, or flowing scarfs) and comfortable shoes with a small heal to ride in (doc martens or boots). If you do not own any riding equipment and wish to purchase your own you can go to Decathlon in Uxbridge who sell hats, boots and jodhpurs (riding trousers). Hats can be borrowed from the farm if you do not have your own. 



  • Have each non-team group riding once a week during term time
  • Maintain a supportive community, where rider development is encouraged
  • Grow the club in terms of membership numbers and continue to establish a positive reputation