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About Us

Blockchain crypto society

The Brunel Blockchain and Crypto society is the first a Blockchain development society and one of the biggest Crypto university societies in the UK. As a society teach and onboard students to learn and understand Crypto, Web3 and Blockchain development to students. 

Many People thing Cryptocurrency is only about investing which it is not. We will be teaching fundamentals of blockchain technology, teaching how to develop on blockchain ecosystems, we will be teaching how to get a career in crypto/blockchain/web3 as there are many everyday careers (lawyers, marketing, artists, developers, consultants etc.) that are in Crypto/Blockchain that pay much more than web2/today's society!!!!  

We are a community that allows students to share enthusiasm for the world of Blockchain/Crypto. We plan to accomplish this by conducting seminars teaching (for everyone) fundamentals of  Blockchain,Cryptocurrency,,NFT, Metaverse etc. (for developers) end-to-end Fullstack development using the latest Web3 technologies e.g., smart contracts how to make Blockchain, Crypto and NFT's etc. These seminars will be conducted by the committee members and, we will weekly/monthly have speakers who work in Blockchain/Web3/Metaverse/Crypto to give advice and Opportunities to students from a wide variety of subject backgrounds. We will Provide opportunities to work with TOP 10 crypto/blockchain companies, visit Parliament on discussions of future of Blockchain and Crypto payments and offer internships, apprenticeships, and job opportunities for students who have finished university. 

Furthermore, we will host social events that offer an opportunity to meet like-minded students. 

Events we plan to hold: 

• Weekly seminars on Blockchain development, how to become a Blockchain/Crypto/Developer from scratch.  

  current affairs to keep you up to date on all the important headlines. 

• Various interactive sessions, including - games, networking, social interaction, etc. 

• Bringing in Special guest speakers who work for Top crypto and blockchain companies who will teach students how to get crypto jobs with any degree (business, economics, computer science, art, music, law, media etc). 

• Market Workshops 

Events to Mayfair for Crypto Conferences.