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About Us

Who we are

Techsoc is a community of university students in technology-related degrees, or have a general interest in Technology. We are completely free to join, so if you have an interest in tech why not come and take a look?


We’re also a BCS Student Chapter, making us part of a vast network of talented and passionate students from other universities across the country!


What we do

We plan this year to do:

  • Social events around, and off campus

  • Hackathons

  • Discussions on our Discord

  • Talks from departments / outside group


We’re always open to suggestions if you wish to see us do something else.


Our Committee

You can a full list of our committee and the best way to contact them at

The committee meets fairly regularly so if you have something you wish for us to bring up, do get in touch!


Getting Involved

The society is ran through a Discord server, which you can join here. For full access, you’ll need to verify as a member.