Annual Grant Funding Application Guidelines for Societies 2022-2023

The Annual Grant Funding Scheme gives all active societies for 2022-2023 the chance to plan their events and activities much further in advance as they will know how much funding they have to work with; it also stops any delays caused by the need for funding requests to be approved by the Societies Guild Committee, which is the route taken if applying for In-Year Grant Funding.

The Annual Grant Funding Application Form must be completed by Sunday 5th June 2022 – we will not accept any late submissions. Successful applicants will be contacted with their provisional allocated funding in August, which gives society committees the chance to alter their Freshers events and planned activity for the year.

It should be noted that the Union Grant for societies is limited and we have over 100 active societies! We therefore strongly encourage societies to hold fundraising events throughout the year to achieve a greater level of income for their society; it shows entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving skills, proving that you are not solely reliant on Union Grants and are a more sustainable group. Societies can also raise funds by charging a small membership fee.

Criteria for Annual Grant Funding 2022-2023

  • The applicant completing the form is the 2022-2023 Chair/President, Secretary or Treasurer of the society; only one application will be considered per society
  • The application must support the aims of the society, as stated within the society's 2022-2023 constitution (please find a template here)
  • The application must clearly outline the ways in which the society plans to increase student engagement or membership satisfaction
  • The application must have a clear plan of how the money will be spent and the strategies in place to ensure that it stands the best chance of successfully delivering the proposed activity
  • The application must indicate how success will be measured, and what will constitute a successful delivery
  • The application must not be above the amount that the society is eleigibel for, as per CASES:
    • Gold - £400, Silver - £300, Bronze - £200, Standard - £100 - Please see the CASES rewards system at the bottom of this page.
  • The application must be submitted before midnight on Sunday 5th June 2022

Point of Consideration

Items that CANNOT be funded by union grant or membership money


Suggested Alternative/Additional Information

Events/Items exclusively for the committee

Society events & items should be open to all society members

Large or expensive one-off promotional materials (e.g. banners and roll-ups)

You should consider investing in re-useable materials such as banners with no dates

Social balls or galas (except cultural events)

Social balls or galas should charge a ticket price to cover event costs

Personal items (e.g. personalised hoodies, uniform, personal equipment)

Union funding should cover the cost of items that benefit the whole society (e.g. costumes, equipment)



Food or Drink for society events

Instead, you should consider charging a small entry fee (even if it’s 50p!) to cover the cost of snacks and refreshments. Exceptions can be made for examples where food is vital to the society activity

Individual affiliation to governing bodies, associations, or groups

Grant Money Only – If the Society includes this charge in their annual membership fee the money can be used for this

Sports equipment, facility booking or events costs

The union supports many sports clubs under Team Brunel for members to get involved in and play at any level

Any applications that go against the Union of Brunel Students’ Constitution, Bye-Laws, Policy and Motions or retrospective submissions after purchases made/event date



Submitting your Annual Grant Funding Application Form for 2022-2023

All requests must be submitted via the online form below.

Please submit this form by midnight on Sunday 5th June 2022.

When requesting funding, please provide as much information as possible, in line with the criteria and points of consideration listed above. Most importantly, please provide a realistic breakdown of the amount you are requesting, for example:

£250 in total

£100 – fresher’s week dance performance on the quad – purchase costumes and stage make up (£60), print marketing materials (£20), donation to student photographer (£20)

£50 – subsidise 50% of 10 members tickets to a Women in Leadership conference in London

£100 – 1x minibus hire for trip

Please note, we will still hold a proportion of the Annual Grant Funding back, as we are aware that sometimes event ideas come up part way through the year and we want to be able to support these activities as well. However, the majority of Society Funding will be allocated over the summer for the year ahead.

The Society Funding held back will become available for societies to apply for as part of the In-Year Grant Funding Scheme. This scheme comes into force in September 2022.

What happens to my form once submitted?

Student Activities will review all application forms over summer with the Vice President Student Activities, and we will award the funding based on the information provided and against the criteria. Provisional budgets will then be circulated in July, with the budgets then ratified by the new Societies Guild Committee next year at the start of October.

If you have any questions, feel free to pop into the Student Activities Office, or email the societies administrator at

CASES Rewards

The CASES Rewards system ensures that Societies are hitting the highest level of CASES possible so that they can then reap the best rewards possible.


Priority for requested facilities

Gold Tier for maximum in year funding requests (£400)

Promoted on Union Webpage as a Gold Society

Receive a certificate at the Societies Ball


Priority for requested facilities

Silver Tier for maximum in year funding requests (£300)

Promoted on Union Webpage as a Silver Society

Receive a certificate at the Societies Ball


Promoted on Union Webpage as a Bronze Society

Bronze Tier amount of in year funding requests (£200)

Receive a certificate at the Societies Ball


This is the minimum standard required for a Society to remain active and for them to receive funding for the following year.

Standard Tier amount of in year funding requests (£100)