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An idea can be anything from suggesting a new drink in Locos to suggesting topics we should campaign on. If you can think of anything that The Union of Brunel Students should be doing or doing differently, then submit it as an idea.

For further guidance on how to format your ideas see here.

For further guidance on how to use the portal, see here.

Ideas to improve campus life

Welcome to the Ideas Forum! This is a place where you can submit any idea for change about your university experience or vote and comment on existing ideas. If you can get at least 25 other students to vote for your idea, the Union officers are then able to consider it. Don't stop at 25 though - the more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try to action it!

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    Reading Club

    • Societies
    A place for avid readers to get together, selet books and talk about their favourite elements of each read. Favourite charcaters, themes, settings and so much more!
Ruth Sharma
9:45am on 12 Feb 24 Hi, If you know 15 people or more that are interested you can submit a Club and Society application. More information can be found here: Thanks